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Our Royal Package includes an exterior and interior VISUAL inspection on services listed below.
Perfect for homeowners with multiple homes, ‘snowbirds’|seasonal homeowners, and frequent travelers!
  • Security check of doors & windows
  • Check for insects/pests/rodents
  • Check for visual mold/water leaks
  • Check for damage/vandalism
  • Run all faucets
  • Run water through garbage disposal
  • Flush all toilets
  • Check thermostat (A/C settings, humidity level)
  • Check appliances (smells, temperatures, unplug small appliances, ice makers off)
  • Pick up trash/debris in yard*
  • Remove junk mail / deliveries / unsolicited flyers
  • Check water level in pool
  • Check lawn/landscape maintenance
  • Check water heater
  • Reset clocks if power outage

*storm and oversized debris, excessive trash, or oversized yards will have an additional fee

Personalize your package by adding any of the individual Majestic Services to make your dreams and wishes come true!